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Del Mar Horsepark “pauses” equestrian activity.

Earlier this week, the 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) notified trainers and promoters that the 64-acre equestrian center, known as Del Mar Horsepark, will pause equestrian activities, including horse shows and horse boarding, in 2021. Moving horse shows from Horsepark to the Fairgrounds allows the 22nd DAA Board of Directors to further evaluate the necessary investment required to meet water quality requirements for equestrian activities at Horsepark while simultaneously considering the needs of the community.Equestrian activity will continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds which recently underwent significant infrastructure upgrades including completion of a storm water treatment system to ensure water quality protection that can accommodate large-scale equestrian events such as thoroughbred racing, horse shows, and livestock exhibitions. The two-year, $15 million improvement project includes converting the Del Mar Racetrack infield water features into stormwater Best Management Practices, such as a holding pond, and a constructed wetlands treatment area.

As part of its $15 million investment, the 22nd DAA has constructed a state-of-the-art treatment plant that is intended to remove residual pollutants from stormwater before entering nearby waterways in compliance with local state and federal regulations.  Staff is currently working with promoters that have historically held their shows at Horsepark to relocate them to the Fairgrounds.

The Horsepark facility is located two miles east of the Del Mar Fairgrounds at the corner of Via de la Valle and El Camino Real, an environmentally sensitive area adjacent to the San Dieguito River.

Editor’s Note: This newer article goes into more detail and includes local equestrian reactions.


  1. No new news, this has been coming for many years.

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  3. So sad! 😪

  4. Just another downfall to the equestrian sport so sad

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