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“The Ride of Her Life” — This Summer’s Perfect Equestrian Read

Just in time for summer reading comes The Ride of Her Life, the triumphant true story of a woman who rode her horse across America in the 1950s, fulfilling her dying wish to see the Pacific Ocean, from Elizabeth Letts, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Horse and The Eighty-Dollar Champion.

Reviews and Praise

Available June 1 in book stores and from online retailers, The Ride of Her Life has already received rave reviews such as this from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Letts inspires in this miraculous true story of one woman’s trek from Maine to California on horseback…[her] attention to detail and clear admiration of her ‘funny, quirky, and bold’ subject light up the narrative and make it hard to put down. The Ride of Her Life has it all: bravery, determination, and a whole lot of heart.”

Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association that provides critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials, gave The Ride of Her Life a starred review:

“Penniless, homeless, and given a dire health prognosis at 63, Annie Wilkins set out to do the one thing she’d always wanted to do, see the Pacific Ocean. In late fall 1954, she loaded up her new Morgan horse, Tarzan, and with her faithful dog Depeche Toi, headed south and west away from her home in rural Maine. In this era before cell phones, GPS, and credit cards, Wilkins would rely on her wits or die trying. She battled blizzards and floods, icy bridges and arid deserts, and received acts of kindness from strangers who emerged at just the right moment with a meal, a bed, or a stable for Tarzan.

“This was during the heyday of local journalism and word of Wilkins’ unusual odyssey not only preceded her from town to town but also garnered national attention. In describing the road conditions, towns, and people, including celebrities, Wilkins encountered on her four-thousand-mile journey, Letts creates a nostalgic travelogue and a vibrant history of life in 1950s America. Thanks to deeply sourced research and her own travels along Wilkins’ route, Letts vividly portrays an audacious woman whose optimism, courage, and good humor are to be marveled at and admired. Upbeat and touching, Wilkins’ story is the perfect pandemic escapist read.”

“I’m really excited about this incredible true story of a woman who is just like you and me – or rather, just like we are on our most fearless days,” explains the author.

“When I set off to write this book, I had no idea that the great pandemic of 2020 was on the horizon… and it turned out that Annie, her spunk, her grit, her grace, her love for her animal companions and her ability to follow her father’s motto – just keep going and you’ll get there – turned out to be exactly what I needed to get me through these trying times.

“I’m just sure you’ll fall in love with Annie too! I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

You Are Invited

Elizabeth invites all interested readers and riders to the free virtual book launch for The Ride of Her Life. “I’ll be appearing with very special guest Denny Emerson, the only rider to have won both an international eventing gold medal, at the 1974 World Championships, and a Tevis Cup buckle, for finishing the 100-mile endurance race during its 50th anniversary in 2004.”

Virtual book launch guests are sure to enjoy this wide-ranging conversation. Elizabeth’s deeply researched equestrian stories are rooted in history and horses, while Denny’s thought provoking posts on his Tamarack Hill Farm Facebook page are grounded in his many-decades long career. Free tickets to this virtual book launch are available through a link on Elizabeth’s website.

This is a FREE virtual event, but registration is required to receive the link and passcode. The link and passcode will be sent the day of the event to the email used at registration.Links and More Information

Visit www.elizabethletts.com for more information and links to register for the free virtual book launch, book club kit, and to purchase or pre-order The Ride of Her Life.

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